When should i buy physical gold?

The price cools during spring and summer and rises again in autumn. This means that, from a historical point of view, the best times to buy gold are early January, March and early April, or from mid-June to early July. You can also see that the price is not historically returning to its previous year's low. As veteran agent Ross Norman of Metals Daily says, there is a “disconnect” between the price of gold and what happens in physical markets.

Investing in gold through a Gold IRA home storage option is a great way to protect your wealth and diversify your portfolio. As can be seen in the diagram above, there is 46% of physical gold in jewelry, 17% of gold is stored by central banks, and almost a quarter of all gold reserves are still underground. Diversifying internationally sounds complicated, but storing some physical gold outside your home jurisdiction today is not difficult. If conservative investors want to buy physical metals — a very wise solution, in my opinion — the key safety measure they can take is to ensure that they can distinguish between real gold and fake gold. Here in the West, on the ground, there is a fight for physical gold that I wouldn't know if we looked at the price of gold.

This means that there is enough paper gold in the form of an ETF or XAU, while there are limited quantities of physical gold that investors can buy. Many gold ETFs are backed by physical gold stored in vaults, but some rely instead on futures contracts to track the price of gold.